Top 5 Summer Fabrics To Beat The Heat

Summers are beautiful but maintaining that cool is the toughest part. The heat and hot air waves make your sweat glands work even more. Looking perfectly prim and polish becomes a hindrance in the path. In any case, rising temperatures don’t necessarily mean suffering from them. Look fashionable and prettier even when humidity is on the top and it does not require stripping off and revealing skin. You should instead choose fabrics that are easy to wash and durable when the weather is against you.

Some of the fabrics that can make you soothe in the hot environment are:

  • COTTON: One of the most popular fabrics that are durable in spring, summer, autumn and even winters. A cotton cloth is made from the fibrous balls from cotton plants. The cotton fibre is made with proper airy loops for your skin to breathe. Moreover, you can say it’s a magical fabric which can protect you from unbearable heat. The fashion industry is on the rise with using organic cotton for manufacturing garments. The low-maintenance material is very lightweight and easy to carry. There are so many varieties present in the market of this versatile fabric. Such as muslin, flannel, velveteen, sailcloth and so many more. You can choose as per your choice since there are so many prints and colours available. Pick your ideal choice.

Our recommendation is Cotton shirts for office wear for men and women. Sporty t-shirts, kurtas, and scarves can also be worn by both.

  • LINEN: A natural fibre-based fabric made from flax fibres. The cool and comfortable fabric comes in light hues giving you a crisp look. It absorbs sweat and keeps your body cool like an air conditioner. It can get wrinkled up easily but you can straighten it with a light spray of water using your hand. As compared to cotton, Linen is more of a costlier fabric. It takes a lot of patience in its maintenance. Also while growing, the plant also needs attention. But it’s a stronger and more durable fabric when compared with cotton. The cool fabric comes with its own cons of not having a better elasticity.

Our style tip is crisp and simple shirts, kurtas, and trousers for AM to PM look.

  • KHADI: This fabric gained popularity with the Swadeshi moment in our country. In this scorching heat, the coarse, easy-to-maintain fabric is sure to keep you cool. Khadi is a basic fabric with a stylish look. Khadi is a hand-woven fabric made from the spinning of the Charkha. Not only cotton, khadi can also be made from silk and wool. Khadi cotton is popularized as Muslin to the layman. It is the best material to be worn according to hot Indian climatic conditions. Ahimsa silk or Matka silk are known fabrics of khadi. Another very famous khadi silk is tussar silk.
  • Silk: Because of its ability to regulate temperature, silk is often referred to as a climate fabric. But Silk is a marvellous and fancy summer fabric. Its antibacterial properties and natural protein structure allow for easy ventilation. The fabric allows your skin to breathe and is appropriate for all summer occasions. Also, it has a celebratory vibe with the gloss and shine that comes with it.
  • SHEER: It is a lightweight summery fabric which is weaved with very low-density or thin thread. The semi-transparent fabric or flimsy cloth can be transformed into dresses, skirts, tops, and shirts. You can find them in organza, embroidered and transparent jacquard varieties. So many beautiful designs and colours are available to choose from.

Go for these summer fabrics to beat this scorching heat. You can find all the varieties and prints of these fabrics on Fabcouture’s website at affordable prices. Happy shopping! See you soon.


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