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Digital Marketing Agency vs. Freelancer: Who Should You Hire?

Digital marketing is one of the most advanced advertising techniques today. It is an indispensable tool for any online business. One of the reasons it is so popular is that it provides you with greater exposure and allows your small business to grow into a brand. Digital marketing builds authority and raises awareness about your business. We see traces of it in blogging, social media, emails, newsletters, and all other parts of online marketing. When it comes to improving your digital marketing efforts, there are two approaches you can take. You can either hire a digital marketing agency or work with a freelance agent. If you ever wondered who you should hire, here is where you can read everything about working with a digital marketing agency vs. freelancer. Here is your opportunity to understand the differences and make an informed decision!

Freelancers are more affordable

When starting an online business, it is essential to think about your budget. You cannot just spend your entire budget without a detailed financial plan, thinking you will return it through company profit. You never know how your business will develop, and you must be careful with your investments.

Hiring a freelancer in digital marketing is more affordable. They usually work on platforms like Fiverr, where the competition is high. Their way of staying on top is to offer quality work for a lower price. This is tricky because you cannot know what you are getting for the money you spend. You could easily find freelancers who overcharge their mediocre services. Or, you could run into someone who does quality work for a reasonable price.

On the other hand, digital marketing agencies cost a lot more. By hiring them, you are hiring a team of professionals with a deadline to deliver the top work. However, you are paying for that work at top prices.

Freelancers are more dedicated to their projects

Try to imagine yourself as a freelancer doing digital marketing. Would you be able to do multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining the quality of work? Hardly likely. Freelancers work alone, so they have to pace themselves.

Because of this, a freelancer will pay a lot more attention to your project because that is the only project they are currently working on. Digital marketing agencies have the support of multiple teams, and they can work on a couple of projects at the same time. They will have to split their investment into every project to deliver consistent quality.

Freelancers are more flexible

When we talk about digital branding, you need a lot of flexibility. Working on a creative project will require a lot of back and forth. Since freelancers usually only work on one project at a time, they will be more flexible with their clients. There is nothing else to take their time, so they can spend every second working with you.

You simply cannot expect that level of flexibility from a digital marketing agency. They have deadlines and contracts to fulfill. On top of that, other projects are constantly piling up. That’s why a freelancer gives you much more flexibility and is more relaxed.

Hiring a digital marketing agency means playing it safe

Even though we have seen that hiring a freelancer comes with many perks, there are some things you should be aware of. Working with a freelancer can be tricky when managing your project. Because they have all the work, they can sometimes spend more time than they initially planned.

On the other hand, before you hire a digital marketing agency, you should know that they provide a safe environment and protect your investment. Even though you pay a bit more money, you are playing it safe. They will deliver on time, and the quality of service will be satisfying.

A digital marketing agency is consistent

While freelancers might have ups and downs in their working approach, a digital marketing agency guarantees consistency. As professionals who charge more, they are required to offer more. We all value a consistent approach to digital marketing. Per the advice of digital marketing experts from, consistency is the key to success and winning the attention and trust of your customers. With that in mind, the investment is worth a try if you can afford a digital marketing agency.

A digital marketing agency provides reporting and analytics

As a part of their job, a digital marketing agency can also provide extensive reports and analytics. Digital marketing depends on many different factors, and there are important metrics to keep in mind.

This is why hiring a digital marketing agency might be a strategy that pays off. They have a duty towards their clients to monitor KPIs and track all the important metrics constantly. Marketing strategy always changes, mostly depending on the customers and the demand on the market, so having these numbers is useful.

With a digital marketing agency, you can always be sure you are getting quality service

Freelancers are often self-taught individuals who provide their services. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but you can never be sure about their credentials and previous work. When it comes to a professional agency, they need to have a valid license and a lot of completed projects.They cost more because you are sure you are getting a trained professional with a lot of knowledge and experience in their respective field.

Digital Marketing Agency vs. Freelancer: Who Should You Hire?

Let’s do a quick summary at the end, so you understand what your options are:

Freelancers are:

  • more affordable;
  • fully dedicated to a single project;
  • flexible with their schedule and time:

A digital marketing agency:

  • costs more, but guarantees quality service;
  • is consistent with the quality, and the service they provide;
  • will provide extensive analytics and reporting;
  • works with licensed and knowledgeable professionals;

Now that you understand the differences between digital marketing agency vs. freelancer, it will be easier to make an informed decision on who to hire. Consider all the factors, including your budget and the deadline, and always make a decision that is best for your business.


Atharv Raj is an author, digital marketing expert and content developer at He is also a veteran in the digital field. I have over eight years of experience in content strategy and digital marketing analysis in the tech industry to a variety of blogs and articles including and and many more blogs.

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