Best Engagement Ring Settings and Styles to Follow in 2022

Choosing an engagement ring can be very crucial yet very important. It is the first step and promise of spending your life with your partner. And that is why choosing the best type of setting for the engagement ring is very important, as it determines how the ring will look and which type of diamond is best for you. You can also do engagement ring mountings where jewelers can mount diamonds or gemstones for you. 

The Most Popular Styles of Engagement Ring Settings to Follow in 2022 Are:

Channel Setting

Channel setting means setting the small diamonds in a secure way into the ring. The gemstones or diamonds are set together closely into the band to decorate it. It looks beautiful as an engagement ring as it doesn’t have any center stones but features beautiful smaller stones.

Halo Setting

The halo setting comes in different and interesting shapes. In the halo setting, the gemstones or diamonds in the center look more extensive and more significant. And the side, smaller stones appear more beautifully. It increases the overall look of the ring. 

Prong Setting

Prong setting rings are the most classic and common type of ring setting. The metal claw, which is known as the prong, grips the diamond perfectly and tightly and keeps it in place. The prong setting ring can be pointed, rounded, V-shaped, or flat.

Tension Setting

Tension setting rings are less expensive but very complicated to make. In the tension setting, the metal band of the ring secures the diamond by the pressure of both sides of the band.

Bezel Setting

Bezel setting rings are trendy and suitable for people having an active lifestyle. In this type of ring setting the diamond is not held with prongs but instead holds the diamond with a metal rim. It holds the stone or diamond tightly.

Pave setting

In the pave setting, the small diamonds are placed together, leaving no place for the visibility of prongs or metal beads. In such a setting, the ring provides a beautiful and continuous sparkle.

Bar setting

In a bar setting the stones or diamonds are set separately in the metals’ vertical bar. It is very similar to channel settings, but the only difference is in the channel ring setting; the diamond is enclosed on all sides. However, in the bar ring setting, the diamond is exposed from two sides, and the stone or diamond is fixed on the other two sides of the metal.

Flush setting

In the flush setting, the diamond is fixed in the band by drilling a hole in the band. The flush setting is not suitable for soft stones as it might get a crack when the jeweler hammers the stone to hold it in place.

People nowadays also buy semi-mount engagement rings and then pair them with a diamond or gemstone of their choice. While doing this, one can create and design one kind of engagement ring, which is also known as a custom design engagement ring. 

A semi-mount engagement ring allows you to feature different types of styles which make it more personal. Along with choosing diamond or gemstone for your semi-mount ring, you can also choose carat weight, the look of the ring, the diamond cut, and more of your choice.

Custom-made engagement rings are in trend, and that is why you should go for them to gift your partner the most beautiful and amazing engagement ring. 

Engagement rings must be special as it is the gift of the lifetime. So, while choosing it, be careful and don’t forget to follow the latest trend. 


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