7 Essential Tips to Keep Your Wedding Jewelry New

You think of a wedding; you think of jewelry. When it’s your big day, you get the best of jewelry for yourself. You buy jewelry not only for your wedding but also for other festivities during the long wedding season. Buying wedding jewelry is a big decision as there is a huge investment involved. The biggest chunk of your wedding budget goes into buying wedding jewelry. Also, these precious beauties are not only just meant to be worn on your big day. They are the most cherished memories as well as the most valuable asset for you. You need to ensure that you protect them properly even after the wedding. So how can you ensure that your wedding jewelry stays on the best shape without losing its luster and sheen. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best tips and techniques on how to keep your wedding jewelry in best conditions for a long time without losing their sheen. Read on (Indian Gold Collection Online).

  • Choose the right storage

Storing your jewelry right is the key to keeping them shiny and glittery for a longer time. You cannot expect your jewelry to be as good as new if you are not meticulous about storing your jewelry right. Use the right storage box for storing your jewelry. Each piece of your wedding jewelry deserve a separate box for storage so that they do not entangle with each other. A fabric lined box that is appropriate for the size of your jewelry. First wrap it in a clean soft fabric or a soft tissue and then keep it in the box. Use camphor balls to keep the moisture away from your jewelry boxes.

  • Keep a check

Taking care of your jewelry is not just storing them in a safe place and then forget about them. You need to check them at regular intervals to ensure that they are safe and intact. Open your safe every three to six months and check whether your jewelry needs any cleaning or polishing. If you wear them regularly, then also, you need to schedule some time to inspect them for any dirt build up.

  • DIY procedures

During regular inspection, if you see any dirt built up on your jewelry or you think that they are a bit lagging on their sheen, take the matter in your own hands. Use a microfiber cloth that is soft and does not pose a threat of getting your jewelry scrubbed.It will work well for cleaning and polishing your jewelry without causing a scratch mark on your jewelry polish. Remember, using any harsh or sharp object to clean your jewelry, can cause them loose their shine.

  • No Harsh Chemicals

If the grime and dirt is not getting cleaned with a soft microfiber cloth, the first instinct is to get a chemical cleaner and rinse your jewelry in it. Right? Wrong. You need to understand that metals can react with chemicals and this can cause your jewelry to deform and lose their look and feel. Also, if you use any harsh chemicals and there are any residues left on the jewelry, they might cause a skin allergy which nobody wants to happen.

  • Makeup Carefully

Your jewelry is made from precious and delicate metals that can easily react with any chemicals. Harsh or sort. Even your makeup can ruin the look of the jewelry if came in contact. Make sure that you wait for at least five minutes after applying your makeup and then only put on your jewelry. This will make sure that your makeup is dry and will not affect the jewelry. Also avoid spraying any perfumes or deodorants on your jewelry (Diamond Bracelet For Men and Women).

  • On a Lighter Note

Light can be a good friend when you wear them as it gives an extra sheen to your jewelry. But when you are storing your jewelry, you need to understand that prolonged exposure to direct light and heat can cause the fading of the metal luster as well as the gemstones. Direct sunlight exposure can cause development of faults in the jewelry. Make sure to store them in a place where there will be not direct light exposure and there will be no excess of heat. This will help you preserve your jewelry for a long-long time and keep it as good as new.

  • Jewelry care is exclusive

Every piece of jewelry is different in terms of care requirements. You cannot just follow a single regime and expect to take care of your jewelry. Different types metals require different treatments that are as follows:

  • Gold

Gold pieces are omnipresent and they need to rinsed in mild soap solution as they accumulate oil and dirt with regular use. Scrub away any dirt or oil from your jewelry and store them away from sunlight.

  • Silver

Silver can easily be oxidized when kept in contact with air, chemicals and humidity. To prevent defacing of your silver jewelry, you can try scrubbing the jewelry with toothpaste and then wipe with a soft clean cloth.

  • Diamond

Diamond might be one of the hardest materials but it is also susceptible to scratches with regular use. This why, it is recommended to regularly clean your diamond jewelry with mild soap so that there are no chances of accumulating dirt on them. Also, it is recommended that you store your diamond jewelry in a fabric lined box so that scratched could be prevented from other pieces of jewelry. 

  • Platinum

Platinum also can retain its luster just like it has on the first day you bought it. All you need to do is rinse it in a warm soap solution and wipe it with a soft piece of fabric.

Get Professional Cleaning

If you feel that you are not able get your wedding jewelry clean on your own, it is always recommended that you get help from professionals. They know exactly what to do to retain the actual luster and sheen. They have the required equipment and expertise that ensures that your jewelry will be safe while cleaning or polishing.

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